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Airships: Conquer the Skies takes place on Adanati, a world orbited by the three moons: Ea, Tessagon, and Mith.

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Adanati's Creation Myth

"First was the unknowable foam. Then Zagbu Ide was the first who knew himself. He looked about, and by seeing, he knew, and by knowing, he shaped the world. He formed the sun and the earth and the first moon and the people, and they lived on the earth. But the people grew callous and fought, so he took matter from the first moon and shaped the second and third moons, and bade the people to respect each other and the world.

Guided by the moons, the people lived happily but stopped sacrificing to Zagbu Ide. He grew jealous and angry and sought to humble the people. But the physical world had solidified like clay under the heat of the sun, and he could no longer change it. So he created devils out of pure thought and malice, perfectly obedient to him, and told them to spread doubt and disease, and pull a veil over the moons. The moons, pursued by the devils, took flight. The devils would catch up, and then fall behind again, exhausted, veiling and unveiling the moons.

Seeing this, the people rejected Zagbu Ide's jealousy and overthrew his idols and buried them in the sea."

"Floathoney is a rare and dangerous delicacy."
"The name of the airships world, the setting, is Adanati."