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Every Airship, Landship, and Building in the game is made up of different components called Modules that the player can place freely in the Ship Designer.

Command and Crew


Maintenance cost Weight HP Supply required Crew supplied Cost
3 15 40 1 3 Airsailors 17
Maintenance cost Weight HP Supply required Crew supplied cost
8 40 100 3 12 Airsailors 46
Cultist Cell
Maintenance cost Weight HP Supply required Crew supplied Cost
2 15 40 1 5 Cultists 17
Cultist Quarters
Maintenance cost Weight HP Supply required Crew supplied Cost
5 40 100 3 15 Cultists 46


Weight HP Command provided Operators needed Recommended crew cost
50 200 6 3 3 46
Weight HP Command provided Operators needed Recommended crew Cost
20 80 1 1 1 12
Command Center
Weight HP Command provided Operators needed Recommended crew Additional effects Stacks with Cost
250 800 20 12 12 Increases command of all ships by 30% Targeting computer 278


  • Crow's Nest - (description and images go here)
  • Observation Dome - (description and images go here)
  • Telescope - (description and images go here)
  • Targeting Computers - (description and images go here)


Sickbays - (description and images go here)


All airships require lift generating modules to remain airborne by (usually) utilizing the power of Suspendium. Lift modules in-game fall into three main types: Energized Suspendium, Unmanned Suspendium, and Miscellaneous.

Energized Suspendium

Energized Suspendium chambers are coal-fed internal modules that come in three different sizes, and are generally the most durable and compact means of generating lift, as they can be armoured. Their main disadvantages, however, is requiring both crew and coal to function.

Small Suspendium Chamber

Description and images

Suspendium Chamber

Description and images

Large Suspendium Chamber

Description and images

Unmanned Suspendium


Supendium Dust Tanks

Suspendium Dust Tanks are cheap, but bulky and vulnerable external modules and are the only option available in Tier 0

Pressurized Suspendium Dust Tanks

A more compact, maintenance free means of producing lift that can be armored but is fragile and vulnerable to explosions.



Moon Disk Fragments

A rare reward for defeating Moon Disks. A very large, expensive but efficient lift generating module

Turtledove Shell Armour

description and images


Airships and Landships require different modules to move.

Airship Propulsion

Propellers & Engines

Propellers and External engines provide large quantities of propulsion at the expense of requiring coal.


Sails come in external and internal variations and provide a cheap but crew and space intensive way of generating lift.

Landship Propulsion


Mech Legs



Weapons need to be supplied with ammunition that is carried from Ammo Stores by crewmen. Each store provides a limited amount of ammunition for use over the course of a battle

Coal Stores

Some modules (such as Engines and Suspendium Chambers) require coal for operation, crew will carry coal from these stores to keep these modules operational, each store provides a limited amount of coal for use over the course of a battle


Repair modules house parts that crew will use to repair damaged modules, each repair module houses a limited stock of parts to be used over the course of a battle

Supplies and Cargo

Airships and Landships require a certain amount of supplies to operate on the campaign map and deploy to battle based on the modules used in their construction, supply hatches and cargo door modules are used to meet that need and cargo holds can be used to expand the total supply of a fleet.

Fire Suppression

Vessels that have been set on fire in combat require crew to source water from Fire Points or Fire Extinguishers to put out the blaze


Armaments for vessels come in many shapes and sizes, dealing either Piercing or Blast damage

Piercing Weapons

Cannons & Turrets

The most common weapon types within Airships: Conquer the Skies, all of them deal varying amounts of Piercing damage with modest or slow fire rates.


Rapid-fire weapons that deal high DPS to exposed modules but are weak against armor.


Simple, small arms fitted onto the ship, one of the earliest weapons empires will have access to.


Simple torsion weapon that launches large bolts. Also one of the earliest weapons empires will have.

Kinetic Bombs

Heavy objects attached to the bottom of your ship, with the intent of dropping them on your enemy.

Suspendium Weapons

Powerful weapons that harness the power of Suspendium.

Mechanical Tentacles

Long, metal tentacles that grab sailors through windows or open holes within the armor.

Blast Weapons


Inaccurate but powerful blast weapons.


Slow but extremely devastating to anything immobile or slower than a snail.


Powerful weapons that spew fire onto ships at close range.

Bomb Bay

Drops bombs from above onto ships below.

Aerial Charges

Slow moving explosive charges that rise up to explode on enemy ships.

Saw Blade

Large and very close range weapon, good at shredding anything it comes into contact.

Mixed Damage

Unlike the majority of weapons, these armaments deal both Piercing and Blast damage.

Heavy Bombard

A large cannon that deals a little Piercing damage and a lot of Blast damage.


Anti-air weapon that's good at shooting troops and lightly-armored ships alike.

Other Damage

A couple other weapons use special damage types unique to them.

Acid Spitter

Deals both Blast damage and Direct damage to armor.

Suspendium Disruptor

Uses a special damage type that attacks and disables Suspendium-reliant modules specifically.


Has a unique 'Hardness' value that makes them good for ramming enemy ships.



Low Cost defensive troops that are incapable of boarding but can fight off boarders

Boarding Troops

Boarding troops are capable of assaulting and capturing other vessels through various means while also defending their parent vessel from enemy boarders.


Airships can host various forms of smaller craft that can harrass or destroy enemies from long range and outside the vessel's typical service cieling.


Low Tech miniature airships housing a heavy-rifle wielding Hussar.


Triplanes and Biplanes are primarily used to shoot down other aircraft but are capable of damaging larger vessels in a pinch.


Bomber aircraft can deliver bombs or torpedos that are very damaging against larger enemy vessels.